Friday, May 6, 2011

I have a new follower!!!

Another thing I wanted to talk about is that please leave comments and feel free to send me an email ( Please leave in the comments requests and if you're bored of this posts, beacause I want that everyone that checks my blog don't get bored and get good tips and recomendations.

Sorry guys, beacause of boring you posting this posts about how excited I am of everyone of my followers, but really I want to show you how much it means to me to have followers, that means that people who follow me like my blog, so that inspired me to continue writing posts, so THANKSSSS.

Really thanks to each one of my followers...

Bye, sorry for not being posting a lot. I have been really busy, but I'm going to put on the track again. :)

(I really love the bear with the hearts, that shows how much it means YOU to me)

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