Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Short Tip: How to make a sectioned ponytail !!!

Hi guys, I really wanted to start posting much more, but I have been so busy, so I am really sorry. Well but the point of this post is that I am goig to start posting in the week little beauty, hair, etc, but they are going to be short tips, but also I'm posting my normal big posts.

Well this post is one of the short tips, and is about hair. As you can see in the tittle, this post is how to make a sectional ponytail.

When you are at the gym or you want to be comfortable but still look nice, this is a great hairstyle.
HOW TO: Make a ponytail at your crown. Make two more down the nape of your neck, tying together all three with an elastic at the bottom.

TIP:  Use a lock of hair from underneath each ponytail to hide your plain elastics!
TRY: Vidal Sassoon Hair Elastics, $3 at drugstores.

Well that was one of my little tips of the week, hope it helps, it would mean a lot if you follow me. Please leave in the comments some request and also please link me a picture of yourself using this hairstyle!!


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