Sunday, April 17, 2011

Be fit and healthy...

Staying healthy is easy with these effortless everyday tips!
  1. Drink a full glass of water before bed. I have been doing this and noticed this has really improved my complexion a ton! Plus, my eyes are more awake looking in the morning too, and less red. Hello, hydration!
  2. Drink another full glass of water the second you wake up (or for me, the second after I brush my teeth). I heard Cameron Diaz does this and look at her! Not only will it help you feel reinvigorated, it also helps curb early morning sugar cravings (syrupy waffles, anyone?).
  3. Swap wisely! When you’re craving a crunch opt for baby carrots or apple slices instead of greasy potato chips. If you drizzle a tad of lemon juice over your apple slices, your apples will stay fresh and won’t go brown in your lunch! These lemon juice sprinkled apple slices were my favorite item in my lunch box as a kid.
  4. When you go to the mall, walk around for at least 15 to 20 minutes before your go to your first store. Or, if you work (or go to school) take a few laps around your building during lunch. Every bit helps!
  5. Always skip the escalator (and elevator). Instead, make it your mission to always take the stairs! Adding in these extra steps is a great way to squeeze in a little extra exercise. I think it's (almost) always best to choose health over convenience.
  6. Try eating healthy but not extrictly, enjoy eating fruits, vegetables, cereals that are healthy.
Do you have any easy everyday tips for a healthier lifestyle? If so, share your suggestions in the comments below. I will put together a list of my favorite “fit tips” in another post.

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  1. Thank you for posting!! I love how these are simple and easy to incorporate right away. I'm going to try the water to bed, water to rise ASAP!

    Kristen L.