Friday, April 8, 2011

Do makeup/cosmetics expire? And when?

This are questions that many of you may think about it, this is the post answering that questions. Hope you enjoy.

Do I have to follow old tricks?

Despite the tricks you may have, it's important to get rid of cosmetics every so often to ensure that you're getting the maximum benefits, and also to avoid things like infections

Do makeup/cosmetics have a required by law expiration dates?

Cosmetics aren't required by law to have expiration dates, so you can't just look at the label to know when a product has expired. Experts vary in their guidelines, but all agree that mascara lasts the shortest amount of time and is the likeliest to cause infections, such as pink eye. Expiration dates are simply "rules of thumb" and a product's safety may expire long before the expiration date if a product hasn't been stored properly.

How I have to store makeup/cosmetics? And how makeup/cosmetics expire?

From the time you open it, the life and effectiveness of the product decreases and bacteria grows. Treat makeup products with care. Keep them in a dry, cool area and remember: Any cosmetic that changes texture, or smell, should be discarded immediately.
Here are some tips to have your makeup/cosmetics have a longer duration:
  • Hygiene is the key, wash your face and hands with soap.
  • Keep makeup containers tightly closed when not in use.
  • Don't use water, even worse, saliva in your makeup
  • If makeup has lost its original texture or consistency, the perservatives have probably broken down, that means that it's not so good may be is expired.
Want to know when to throw your makeup/cosmetics, here is some information:
  • Liquid foundation (3-6 months)
  • Cream foundation (4-6 months)
  • Concealer (6-8 months)
  • Powders (1 year)
  • Mascaras (3 months)
  • Lipgloss & Lipstick (1 year)
  • Eye/Lip pencils (1 year or more)
  • Facial toners (1 year)
  • Facial cleansers & Moisturizes (6-8 months)
  • Makeup brushes (until it breaks), but you have to clean your brushes.
Hope it helps, and please leave in the comments tips or questions...

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