Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eco - Chic

Eco - Chic
Does someone of you remember my Earth day post, well not so people read it, but if wanna check it go to my February posts an there it is.

But the point is, as you know I love polyvor, and doing sets is one of my favourite things ( also I like helping with the questions in Polyvore), so there's a competition that we have to create sets with at lest 2 items from this organic stores:
So that are the stores if someone of you want to check them out, I have done 4 sets for this competition, and one of them is the one, that's upper, I choose this set because was the most "Liked" in my profile.

Every clothes in the set are with organic materials. I really love this outfit, is so "ECO - CHIC".

Well I know this was a short post but I wanted to say that some girls that check my blog write me: " I can't follow your blog because I don't have an account". The answer is now, I put an application in my blog that you write your email and all the latests updates on the blog are send to your email.

Byeee, thanks for supporting. Please leave comments or requests. 

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