Sunday, April 17, 2011

Leathers, Furs - Is so IN!!

Take the stairs!
Have you noticed, furs and  leathers are invading runways, celebrities, magazines, etc.

That's because is so IN, putting a little touch of furs on your outfit, like in the picture, I suppose that the outfit is casual but the pop is the cheetah.

What are the things you can't do in your outfit?

Is so OUT to have like an entire outfit with cheetah or leopard furs. That doesn't look good, imagine a girl wearing cheeah everywhere, I'm not saying that using furs is bad, I'm trying to say that putting only a little touch of fur is so edgy and fashionable. Include items like shoes of fur or a clutch, or simple accesories like this ones:
Cheetah Print Cashmere ScarfTOM - LEOPARD PONY CLUTCH ACCESSORIESElegantly Waisted Cheetah Lauper Canvas Waist Belt

Include this accesories, but only one in the hole outfit, try doing the outfit simple.

Bye, hope it helps. Thanks for all your support!!
Leave in the comments requests and what you think!!

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