Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rapunzel, Tips for growing out your hair!

Some friends (girls), are sad because they cut there hair short, and they want long hair, you would be thinking "Put some extensions girls". But that's not the point, you want your hair to grow strong and natural, so if you want your hair to be longer, you'll need some tips...

 1) It would sound disgusting, but I investigate and one of the more important things is ake Flaxseed Oil or a Fish Oil softgel every night before bed. Fish Oil is filled with Omega-3s, and is especially good if you don't eat a lot of fish—it’s super good for your heart and hair!

2) Some proffesional hair stylists suggests applying a heat protectant spray when using heated styling tools. Heat protectant is something I often forget to use, but it is really important to protect your strands against damage. If you protect your hair from the time it is a baby hair at your root it will have a long and happy lifespan, and be able to grow much longer than if you abuse it for years.

3) Don’t wash your hair every day—you need some of those natural oils to help facilitate growth.

4) Maintain a healthy diet by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Remember, beauty comes from the inside. In a way, you are what you eat. If you feed yourself lots of healthy nourishing foods your body will reflect this.

5) Use a “deep conditioning treatment.” This will help hydrate strands and make them stronger.

6) Massage your scalp while washing your hair. This stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which promotes growth. I do this every time I shower, I know it's good for my hair plus it feels so good!

7) And the last tip is to be patient! I know everyone says this, but it is true. If you follow all of these steps and take extra care with your hair, it will grow.

Well that was some tips that I can tell you guys, if you know more tips, please live a comment or send it to my mail:

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